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To register or to learn more about any of the classes below, call the Academy directly at: 1.310.341.0610.


This course is a prerequisite to all other hair cutting courses.

This course is designed to provide a technical foundation to the art of hair cutting. Even though trend changes, and adapts, the basis of all time worthy trend can not survive without technical skill and understanding of shape.

DAY ONE – Explores head shape, face shape, body type, lifestyle, terminology, consultation, and execution. You will see a demonstration of combined techniques that will be explained in technical and professional terminology and will execute the proper shape for the individual model, reflecting current or future trend. This is a different take on most advanced education solely because we will not be teaching a specific “haircut” but a current shape, trend and texture that is individualized based on the client in your chair. The afternoon will involve a hands on application of your new found physical and verbal tools under the close supervision of a SLASH coach. Unless otherwise stipulated, models will be supplied by SLASH. We end every day in the academy with an evaluation segment which will ready you for your next day… or next course!

DAY TWO – This day is all about hair cutting, you will have access to two hands on segments, one that is fully coached and one that allows you to take back some creativity and individual vision. Of course the caring staff at SLASH is always there to support and answer questions.


An exploration into Graduation (1 or 2 days)

Graduation is the most difficult and complex aspect of precision hair cutting. A course to demystify is therefore necessary in any serious educational program. We will work to understand and utilize each form of Graduation separately and jointly to discover new shapes and build our skill towards Masters’ level.

“The difference between a good hair cutter and a brilliant one is not knowing how to cut… but when you’re done cutting!” – Carla Ross


This is not a class or seminar, this is a play date! For this reason there is no further description of this experience.

Each one of these weekends will take on it’s own schedule and feel depending on the class participants. There will be a phone and email interview prior to booking.

“On a daily basis salon work allows us to craft and nudge our clients closer to trend. Rarely is there the opportunity to allow our artistic eye, mind and hand to achieve a work of art. Those rare times that we are allowed to create are therefore seard into our minds with pride, joy, and a little awe.” – Carla Ross

“I have often said when an open minded and hard working hairdresser comes to me I feel that if they bring it all and I give it all, with practice and focus they should be able to ultimately out cut the best!” – Carla Ross


Customized programs are always available to salons looking to have a getaway educational weekend. A phone call, or email to SLASH will allow you to choose from the following subject matter to create the day or days of education that will propel you and yours to the next level.

  • Classic cutting- proper control, classic technique, head mapping, proper consultation
  • Graduation- Proper building of a shape with complexity and form
  • Hairdressing- From a proper blow dry to editorial updos
  • Men’s cutting- Classic men’s cuts to Italian barbering bringing a new technique to one of our most valuable assets in the salon
  • Razors Edge – A class using classic straight edge razor techniques only. Increasing your comfort and adding a new tool to expand creativity. Long, medium and short shapes
  • Trend development- From editorial tears to historical indicators, we use all information to teach the hairdresser how to predict the next trend themselves