Hello! You may notice a bit of a change in the style of writing here. I’m Allison, a 23 year old Los Angeles resident with a love for pop culture and fashion. I have taken over the reins of Slash’s social media. I hope you enjoy my insights here!

Awards season is upon us and there’s so much red carpet fashion to go over. Each year there tends to be a common trend among celebrities. This year, women are daring to be bold and slashing off their locks! These short styles go against the norm and make a statement. Why settle for the same hair as everyone else when you can find something that suits you?

I’ve noticed a common trend as well: bringing in pictures. I’m also guilty of this. When I want a new color or style, I go to my stylist with a picture of a celebrity with hair I like. Do I actually consider if this is feasible or good for me? No, almost never. When we bring in pictures, we like the whole picture. We like the celebrity in it because it’s aspirational. If we look like X celebrity, our lives will be better. Take this picture, for example.


Cara Delevingne is all the rage in the modeling world and I’ve seen many women want her style. Or, to be more accurate, want to be like her. It’s easy to fall into the trap of looking up to models. They’re gorgeous and paid to be that gorgeous. The fashion industry wants us to want that so we can buy their products. So, if I covered her like like such…


Okay, okay, bad photoshop here. However, would you still want that hairstyle as badly? When you take away the persona and the lifestyle aspiration, it just looks like any messy hairstyle. What works for Cara on runways may not work for you. This doesn’t make her any better, it just makes us all different. I’d prefer that, anyway! I, like so many other women, have spent years trying to be someone else. Whether it’s going on a fad diet, or obsessively going to the gym to get “that” body. No matter what conditions I put myself through, I can’t make myself someone else. Instead of focusing on being someone else, why not focus on being our best self?

So, let’s take these awesome short Oscar styles as our inspiration, not aspiration.


Rita Ora: We love this slicked back style! This length is super low maintenance and can easily be slicked back on bad hair days.


Jennifer Hudson: Continuing on Rita’s style, Jennifer also opts for a dramatic side part. Side parts look amazing if you have finer hair, because it gives more volume but maintains balance. Don’t be afraid of the shorter sides– this is actually very flattering and slimming! Why hide such a gorgeous face?


Emma Stone: My personal favorite! Bobs look great on everyone, but this style especially looks great on oval face shapes. The waves and pinned back style is very reminiscent to old Hollywood.


Anna Wintour: Of course, no surprises here that the queen of fashion would be on my list. Anna’s signature bob never fails to impress. What really creates fantastic shaping to the face is the asymmetrical line. Adding bangs can balance out large or wide foreheads and put the focus lower.


Scarlett Johansson: Last but not least, is Carla’s favorite. Scarlett’s look was certainly talked about, and either loved or hated. The shaved sides bring out our general fear of appearing too masculine. I think Scarlett pulled off this risk effortlessly. If this is too much of a risk, always remember it’s just an idea to play with! I think a more feminine approach would be to lengthen the sides a bit and slick it back.

So there’s the top picks from the Oscars. What do you think about short hairstyles? Have you ever considered trying a new style, but didn’t know where to start? Or maybe were too afraid of a new style looking unflattering? Let me know!