Employment at Slash is a highly selective and extremely competitive process, but built on the tenets of personal and artistic growth. We drive competition as a means of propelling each other forward and stretching the boundaries of our creativity. It is as much about the growth and success of the individual as it is the growth and success of the individual as a part of the team. Employees of Slash also have access to hands-on advanced education with Carla Ross, herself, on a weekly basis to give them the technical foundation to further their career goals and the tools to realize their creative vision.

We have three areas of employment at Slash, each with an individual recruitment process, requirements and limited spaces to be filled.


Who You Are: a licensed California cosmetologist with less than 1 year of salon experience
Term: 12- 18 months
Compensation: Hourly
Apprentices at Slash go through a 3-part process that lasts, roughly, 12-18 months, depending on how quickly the individual apprentice grasps the advanced haircutting curriculum. Apprentices must be available every Monday for advanced haircutting education on a live model (which the apprentice will provide), and part-time, up to 4 additional days per week, to assist on the floor. Upon satisfactory completion of the apprenticeship, an apprentice may be offered the option to transition to a commissioned Junior Stylist role. This is currently the only option to advance to a stylist position without an established clientele.

We are currently in the 2016 cycle for new-hire apprentices! Email your resume for consideration HERE.


Who You Are: a licensed California cosmetologist with more than 3 years of salon experience, an established clientele and, roughly, $1000-1200 in service sales, weekly
Compensation: Tiered Commission Scale
Commissioned stylists at Slash are placed into tiers based on several metrics as well as the quality of his or her work: Junior, Stylist, Senior and Master. Established cosmetologists with verifiable quality of work and weekly service sales may be placed into a higher tier after an introductory assessment. Stylists at Slash work a set schedule Wednesday through Saturday and are given complementary advanced education on Mondays, as well as retail sales commission. Stylists are required to pass an initial interview and a practical audition showing the level of their haircutting and coloring technique.

We are currently auditioning new stylists! Auditions are by invitation only. Please email your resume for consideration with the subject line “STYLIST” HERE.


Who You Are: a licensed California cosmetologist with extensive experience and a well-established clientele
Weekly Rates: variable for part and full time options
Booth leasing at Slash is an excellent option for established stylists who want to take their personal business to the next level. With competitive weekly rates, Slash also offers a host of amenities. Our lessees have the flexibility to make their own schedules with 24/7 access to the facilities and keys, a full beverage and espresso bar, towels, robes and heated lavender essential oil towels, backbar of Kevin Murphy and SUDZZfx shampoos, conditioners, and deep conditioning treatments, a full employee lounge and receptionist services. Lessees also have access to advanced education, if he or she opts to, for a nominal fee. To learn more about our booth leasing option, click the link below to download our Leasing Brochure!

We currently have no open booths for lease. Please contact us for consideration when a space becomes available.