An Open Discussion About Salons and Their Format

Happy Saturday! Weekends here at Slash are always very busy, like most salons. It’s easier to come in on the weekend, right? In a flurry of thoughts, this had me thinking about salons and why we pick “ours”. Think of [...]

Introductions, Celebrity Worship, and Our Oscar Favorites

Hello! You may notice a bit of a change in the style of writing here. I’m Allison, a 23 year old Los Angeles resident with a love for pop culture and fashion. I have taken over the reins of Slash’s [...]

The Fear of Change and Why We Won’t Cut Our Hair

The new year is quickly approaching and, in our last blog, we talked about how we are more open to change around this time, but it can also be a scary thing. We may convince ourselves that we’re ready to [...]